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Exam Week coming..

Smlm sempat lg tengok Manchester United menang title EPL, aku rasa amat gembira kerana MU mng kejuaraan 2 kali berturut2.. lepas nih nk gondol juara UEFA CL lak~!! heeheee...

Hari ini, Isnin 12 May 2008 bermulalah minggu peperiksaan selama 3 minggu di UTP.. Exam aku start Selasa 13 May.. Semester ni aku hanya ambil 5 subjek, 4 subjek yg ade exam...

Jadual exam aku:

Selasa, 13 May 2008:
Computer Network Management

Rabu, 14 May 2008:
Data Structure

Jumaat, 16 May 2008:
Software Testing Reliability

Selasa, 27 May 2008:
Wireless Technology

gap between 3rd n 4th paper dlm 11 hari.. satu masa yg lama.. lepas abis jer last paper aku budget nak balik bercuti kt rumah dulu about 2-3 weeks then come back to UTP to settle my FYP (bajek~).. padahal planning nk pegi Genting Highland with my frens..

Dikesempatan ini aku mohon maaf atas segala kesilapan aku (disedari & tak disedari). Hopefully I can do better during this exam.. Pray for me guys!! -TQ-

Iron Man Best!!

Date: Friday, May 09, 2008
Time: 11:45 pm
Venue: TGV Kinta City Cinema

After had finished all assignments, work project, tests and Final Year Project 1 oral presentation now its the time to enjoy myself. Though it is during study week and the first exam will be coming up in 4 days time, I still had chance went to Ipoh to watch movie IRON MAN.. even this movie had been released a week ago but nevermind laa..

We arrived at Ipoh at 10pm and went to buy our tickets first. Oh my God, cost me around RM10 each ticket.. then whatelse... still got around an hour before movie start then went to McD to nurture our own stomach.. hehee... The fried chicken was so tasty.. my stomach was full already but I did not even touched the fries yet.. Can go eat during the movie what~! After that went to watch Iron Man. Hoo la laaa~! After 2 hours went home to UTP.. so sleepy. Can't wait to see Iron Man 2.. they said there will be 2 suits for Iron Man in the next movie, the other one is black suit which will be wear by Tony Stark's friend.

Personal Rating: 4/5

Want to know synopsis of the movie?? click below


Testing2.. hehehee....